We cook traditional Indian food for you.

Freshly prepared in your company´s kitchen.

The healthiest lunch for happy employees.

At home in your kitchen.

Satisfy all your senses, while spoiling your employees in the daily office routine.

We cook traditional food in your company´s kitchen to serve you well digestible, like ´homecooked´ Indian meals directly from the stove to your plate. That´s how we preserve the original taste of the stimulating ingredients and spices. 


The rich, tasty and easy to digest food keeps your mind and body fit and healthy, what in a long term leads to more power and energy.


Particularly suitable for (team)-lunches, business lunches and the  appealing variety from the canteen kitchen. 

mealcarrier_Frauke George_Boaz George_Koriander

mealcarrier_Frauke George_Boaz George_Hauptgerichte
mealcarrier_Frauke George_Boaz George_Gewürze