. . .  in your kitchen at home

Mealcarrier comes to your home and cooks Indian food for you, your family and friends.

Are you planning a family celebration in your own 4 walls? Indulge your guests with our Indian food like 'Homecooked'.

Already the scents during preparation are tempting.

We cook fresh and traditional directly in your kitchen and use only original ingredients and spices.

How it works:

  • Get in contact with us, of how many people you are thinking of getting cooked for.
  • The minimum number of participant for your private cooking occasion is on request depending on the event.
  • The amount of different dishes depends on the amount of eaters.
  • You find the choice of dishes here.
  • The number of guests should be available to us no later than 5 working days before the cooking date and give clear information of how many vegetarian and how many non-vegetarian (meat dish) eaters are attending.
  • We then discuss personal with you further details such as appointment and menu.
  • Please follow the recommendations for more details.



Number of DISHES


Price per person*


Price per person*


1 - 20 people

20 + people

2 dishes

2 - 4 dishes

€ 12,-

€ 10,-

€ 14,-

€ 12,-