YOU BOOK ... WE COOK -  in your company´s kitchen

More well-being through our rich and filling lunch for your employees.

The consumption of our delicious food brings you and your colleagues to more power. The fine selection of spices affects, among other things, to satisfied stomachs, easier digestion and thus to a clear mind. Already the fragrances during preparation are tempting.


Fresh and traditional cooked directly in your company´s kitchen. We use only original ingredients and spices.


You want to pamper your employees in the company with our Indian food, like `Homemade`?

For a team lunch, business lunch or just for a change of the everyday routine.

How it works:

  • Get in contact with us, of how many people you are thinking of getting cooked for a lunch.
  • The minimum number of participants is 10 people.
  • We ask you for your kitchen equipment or come over personal to check the cooking facilities.
  • The amount of different dishes depends on the amount of eaters.
  • You find the choice of dishes here.
  • We recommend to inform the employees in time, on which day we cook in your company, so that everyone can sign-up into a "like to participate in the meal" list. In addition, the choice is to be made, who likes to eat vegetarian or non-vegetarian (meat dish). The number of lunch connoisseurs should be available to us no later than 5 working days before the cooking date.
  • We then discuss personally with you, your health manager or contact person further details such as timings and menu selection.
  • Please follow the recommendation for more details:





Price per person*


Price per person*

non-vegetarin (meat dish)

1 - 20 people

20 + people

2 dishes

2 - 4 dishes

€ 12,-

€ 10,-

€ 14,-

€ 12,-