M E A L C A R R I E R 

Frauke George, Boaz George GbR

WE love cooking. All forms of arts attract something in everyone of us. A painting pleasures the eyes and stimulates the mind and along with it, feelings. Music pulls the ears towards melody and harmony. Poetry articulates ad restores our emotions. While the best wine makers are busy attracting and caressing people´s sense of smell and taste.

But cooking is something, that we believe attracts all senses, the eye, the  ear, mouth and nose at the same time. 

Since Boaz, as being Indian, grew up with the best food in his home kitchen, he has the taste, understanding and feeling for the magical spice blends in himself.

He combines his empathy preparing the food in its originality along with keeping it enjoyable for the European tongue. 


"Nothing is as good as homecooked food."

Frauke lived in India for 6 years and developed there the penchant for Indian food. For some time living at the Ayurvedahof in Allgäu, she discovered the value of Ayurvedic nutrition and its treats. As being a healing practitioner, she gathered experiences in 'healthy nutrition' and learned to appreciate the advantages/ the feeling of life of easy digestible, all senses satisfying food. And of course, she is always impressed by the fascinating scents, tastes and the variety of spices.